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Permit Requirements and Fees

Building Permits and Inspection Services

Protecting the public’s health, safety and welfare is our highest priority.  The construction of safe buildings is achieved through the adoption and application of nationally recognized building codes adopted by the City Council.  The International Code Council or ICC is a nationally recognized association which publishes the International Building Codes.  The City of Cumby has adopted these codes and our Building Inspector and Plan Review are charged with reviewing and inspecting all construction activities within the city, in conformance to these standards.

Through the issuance of building permits, certificates of occupancy, and fire & safety inspections, ensures that all structures conform to the adopted codes. 

Contractor Information

All contractors need to be registered with the City of Cumby before you apply for a permit.  These trades include: General Contractor, Electrician, Plumber, Mechanical, Sign, Backflow, Demolition, Fence, Fire Alarms, Fire Sprinklers, Fire Suppression, Foundation, Irrigation, Pool, and Roofing Contractors.

For large projects, the General Contractor will apply for the permit, but each of the trades will have to validate on the permit for their trade before the permit can be issued.

For smaller or individual permits, each trade that is registered will apply for and pay for their specific permit.

Contractor Permits

There is no Registration Fee, however, we ask that all Contractors register with the City.

Each person who performs electrical, plumbing, heating/AC, and
general contractors are considered contractors and must register with the City of Cumby prior to beginning work within the City of
Cumby, Texas, by completing a Contractor Registration Form.

Each contractor must be licensed in one of the following areas:

    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Heating / AC
    • General Contractor

Plan Submission and Review

Residential Permit:  Fees are generally based on square footage for new build.  For Remodel; single electrical or plumbing requirement fees will vary.  Contact City Secretary.

Commercial Permit:  Fees are generally based on Value for new build.  For Remodel; single electrical or plumbing requirement fees will vary.  Contact City Secretary.

Please come pick up a Building Permit Packet; or download the packet along with the most up to date Ordinance governing permits (Residential Permit Package),(Commercial Permit Package), (Contractor Registration Form). (Current Building Ordinance) Call and schedule an appointment with the City Secretary to review all details prior to starting a project.  (903) 994-2272

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